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The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 in English

  The Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 in English:-  हिंदू विवाह अधिनियम,  1955 पूरे भारत में लागू होता है और दिनांक 30 अक्टूबर 2019 से यह अधिनियम जम्मू और कश्मीर में भी लागू होने लगा है। इस अधिनियम मे कुल 30 धाराएं हैं जोकि मुख्य रूप से छः भागो मे बांटा गया है। (1) प्रारम्भिक (Preliminary) Section  (1-4) (2) हिन्दू विवाह  (Hindu Marriages ) Section  (5-8) हिंदू विवाह की शर्तें एवं हिंदू विवाह  का रजिस्ट्रीकरण आदि से संबंधित प्रावधान दिए गए। (3) दांपत्य अधिकारों का प्रत्यास्थापन और न्यायिक पृथक्करण (Restitution of Conjugal rights & Judicial Separation) Section (9-10) (4) विवाह की अकृतता और विवाह-विच्छेद  (Nulity of Marriage & Divorce  Section  (11-18) (5) अधिकारिता और प्रक्रिया (Jurisdiction & Procedure) Section (19-28) इस भाग में मुख्य रूप से यह बताया गया है कि हिंदू विवाह अधिनियम, 1955 से संबंधित वाद किस न्यायालय के समक्ष दाखिल किए जा सकते हैं और उनकी प्रक्रिया क्या होगी।  (6) Savings & Repeals  Section  (29-30) वैधानिक अवधि में हुए अवकाश भी धारा 1

Law of Crimes - Multiple Choice Questions

    We have drafted a series of short question papers to test your knowledge on various subjects of Law. The Paper contains anywhere between 20 - 25 multiple choice questions on a subject. You may select the Test of Your Choice, Mark your answers. Submit your response and get your evaluation within seconds. Hope you will enjoy while learning.    Adhivakta Law Cafe Law of Crimes Test 1 Test 2 We will keep adding to the above list of Tests. So stay in touch. Disclaimer - Every care has been taken in preparation of above questions and answers. But the author assumes no responsibility for any inadvertent error, whatsoever. 

About Indian penal code,1860



  AGREEMENT EXPRESSLY DECLARED TO BE VOID There are certain agreements which the law regard as void, such as minor’s agreement, or agreement under mutual mistake of fact, or agreement without consideration, or whose object or consideration is unlawful. Adhivakta Law Cafe Apart from those discussed earlier, there is a list of agreements, specifically enumerated in the Indian Contract Act, that are void. They are as follows - (a) Where consideration is unlawful in part If any part of a single consideration for one or more objects, or any one or any part of any one of several considerations for a single object, is unlawful, the agreement is void. The above language of the law may appear technical. But it is corollary to previously discussed unlawful objects and considerations. Where object or consideration of an agreement is unlawful, but merely in part, the law examines whether the legal part can be separated from the illegal part. If yes, then the legal part is given effec

Law of Contract - Impossibility of Performance, Doctrine of Frustration

  IMPOSSIBILITY OF PERFORMANCE An agreement to do an act impossible in itself is void. A contract to do an act which, after the contract is made, becomes impossible, or, by reason of some event which the promisor could not prevent, unlawful, becomes void when the act becomes impossible or unlawful. Law of Crimes - Culpable Homicide & Murder 1. Impossibility existing at the time of contract If performance of an agreement is impossible at the inception itself, the agreement is void. It is immaterial that the parties had the knowledge of impossibility or not. But where the promisor knew the performance to be impossible or unlawful, or might have known with reasonable diligence, and promisee did not know to be impossible or unlawful, he must make compensation to the promisee for any loss sustained due to non-performance of the promise. Law of Contract - Performance of Contract 2. Supervening impossibility Supervening impossibility refers to the condition where the agr

The Fundamental Rights Of An Individual Can Not Be Defeated Other Than In Accordance With Law: Karnataka High Court Grants Default Bail-In Case Of UAPA Bengaluru Riots Case

  The Fundamental Rights Of An Individual Can Not Be Defeated Other Than In Accordance With Law: Karnataka High Court Grants Default Bail-In Case Of UAPA Bengaluru Riots Case कर्नाटक हाईकोर्ट ने 11 अगस्त 2020 को थाना DJ Halli & KG Halli क्षेत्र, बेंगलुरु में हुए दंगों में आरोपित 115 अभियुक्तों को दंड प्रक्रिया संहिता,1973 की धारा 167(2) का लाभ देते हुए जमानत के आदेश जारी कर दिए। Karnataka High Court                Brief Facts Of The Case: याचीगणों पर कथित रूप से आरोप है कि उन्होंने सांप्रदायिक सौहार्द को बिगाड़ने के लिए फेसबुक पर एक आपत्तिजनक पोस्ट डाली थी। याचीगण एक विशेष संप्रदाय से ताल्लुक रखते हैं और एक एमएलए के परिचित भी हैं। अभियुक्त मुजम्मिल पाशा और उसके अन्य साथियों को दिनांक 12 नवंबर 2020 को अन्तर्गत धारा 15/16/18/20 प्रिवेंशन ऑफ अनलॉफुल एक्टिविटीज 1967 और 143/147/148/149/332/333/353/427/436 भारतीय दंड संहिता, 1860 और प्रीवेंशन ऑफ डैमेज टू पब्लिक  प्रॉपर्टी , 1984  की धारा 4 में मुकदमा पंजीकृत कर गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया था और उसी दिन मजिस्ट्रेट द्वारा उन्हें  पुलिस

Heinous and serious offences such as murder, rape and dacoity cannot be quashed on the ground of Settlement


Beware of oxygen cylinder scam and protect yourself from cyber fraud in the time of Covid-19

Beware of oxygen cylinder scam and protect yourself from cyber fraud in the time of Covid-19 Regarding the prevention of cheating in the name of the coronavirus : At present, due to the outbreak of the corona epidemic,  frauds are being committed through social sites/apps in the name of Remdisivir injections, beds in hospitals, or in the same name of oxygen cylinders which are being done in the following ways : A - By putting a fake name of the hospital / medical etc. On Google and posing as an employee there on the phone, fraud is being done by taking advance payment. B - The details of the relatives of the patients,  which are being posted by them for seeking help, are misused by calling and cheating them on social media by making advance payment. C - Fraudsters create fake websites e-Commerce Platform, social media accounts, and E-mails claiming to sell and deliver medical products, victims are asked to pay via bank transfer / UPI. D - E-mail, links related to the epidemic,

Law of Contract - Performance of Contract

  PERFORMANCE OF CONTRACT A contract being an agreement enforceable by law, creates a legal obligation, which subsists until discharged. Performance of the promise or promises remaining to be performed is the principal and most usual mode of discharge. who must perform his obligation; what should be the mode of performance; and what shall be the consequences of non performance. The parties to a contract must either perform, or offer to perform, their respective promises, unless such performance is dispensed with or excused under the law. Performance of one’s part is primary obligation under the contract. Unless, t he part y is treated as having been absolved under the provisions of any law or by the conduct of the other party, the performance is neither excused nor dispensed with. दिल्ली कोर्ट ने छत्रसाल मर्डर केस में आरोपी ओलंपियन सुशील कुमार की जुडिशल कस्टडी को 25 जून तक के लिए बढ़ा दिया। By Whom a Contract may be Performed The promise under a contract

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